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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I install the application on a device with the Linux operating system?
At the moment, the application on the Linux operating system is under development, and we temporarily cannot provide the application for this operating system."
How do you get tips on OnlyFans?
You show the best side of you, provide exclusive, virtual girlfriend experience and people will tip
How to ask for tips on OnlyFans?
Oh this is a whole different story. Please refer to one of our guides in Tutorials and Blog >>>
How to set up tips on OnlyFans?
You need to setup a PPV goal in the post settings
How to make PPV posts on OnlyFans?
The same way you do with the messages. Just set a price for your post and it done.
How to post PPV on OnlyFans?
Ответ сюда jus set a price for your message and it's considered a PPV message.