FansCRM - OnlyFans Management & Analytics Tool for Creators & Agencies

Our one-stop-shop CRM system combines Onlyfans management and analytics tools with advanced chatting features for creators and agencies. This synergy is a game changer!

OnlyFans management tools - manage OnlyFans accounts, shifts, roles and permission. Track all your performances in simple dashboard !

Without proper analytics you wouldn't know what concentrate at and all your efforts could be useless. With our software your data will be structured in the most efficient way so it will take you are seconds to make the right decisions. Don’t forget to check other unique feature expired fan following, mass messages. Or just download it, it’s free !
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With our OnlyFans manager software you will always have order in your accounts

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On everage using Fans-CRM increasing revenue by 300%
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All OnlyFans analytics in simple visual dashboard

In this group of feature you will find some tools that will help you manage your agency much more efficient. Dashboard, shift management and statistics, roles and permission for each user, find even more inside the CRM. Don’t forget to another features groups Automate, Analytics, Next Level Chatting, Secure anonymous browsing. Or just download it, it’s free !

Awesome onlyfans analytics in our dashboard

Dashboard is the place where you should see in seconds a full overview of your business, and draw your attention to most performing and problematic units. Fans-CRM dashboard is a centralized hub of information that presents creators, fans and employees data. See gross revenue, payouts, performance of each page under your control, employee stats and KPI's, fans base, top fans, most converting traffic sources and many more.

Our shifts management tool will will improve your OnlyFans income statistics

Do you have anyone that helps you communicate with your audience? When it comes to shift schedules it could be a nightmare to plan clearly which chatter is responsible for each page and in which time period. Our CRM system will allow you to create 1 to 6 shift per page per day, automatically assign same person for same time periods on selected days. You are able to manage any shift period on any day for every page you have and assign to any user you have.

Daily and historical OnlyFans earning statistics for each shift

Don’t waste your time on calculating each shift performance, don’t waste your time on checking calculations and managing conflicts with the employees. Our CRM system will calculate each revenue stream per shift for PPVs, Tips, Subscriptions, Streams, Posts, etc. It will take you only several seconds to get high level data on how past shifts performed on each page. You can easily filter which income stream to include or exclude from the shifts results and you will be even able to display their personal results for employees.

Manage onlyfans account roles and permissions

Do you already have a team that helps you with content plans, onlyfans promotion, strategy or chatting? Do you care about your data privacy or just want to protect yourself from random error? With fans-crm several users can use the same account simultaneously doing stuff they need and you will be able to manage their access and permission to some sensitive areas. Your Team will only get access to the functions that they really need and you grant access without sharing them with your Onlyfans Login. You just provide access to FansCRM and that's it.
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    Inspiring Stories
    FansCRM is already in use by companies and creator individuals, and we are proud that our product helps them in their activity. They find it handy, and we hope that you will do as well. Feel free to check their stories!
    “We are using Fans-Crm, for quite a while. Each profile that we connected shows at list 200% revenue growth on 1st month and 300% on second month. As well because of automatization, prioritization and much better interface we freed up 40% of our workforce We will definitely stay with Fans-Crm as only tool that we need, and could recommend to everyone. ”
    — 1backstage Agancy
    “We tried so many softwares for Only Fans like Infloww, Super Creator, FansMetrics, CreatorHero and many others. But we need to admit that non of them are even close to Fans CRM. It combining all the best form what we saw in other tools and it’s only 30% of Fans-CRM functionality. Our customer satisfaction rate rises for 400% and studio management becomes very clear and simple. ”
    — Mike X
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