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Measure and control all your OnlyFans statistics about your fans and you. OnlyFans creator analytics for professionals

Proper analytics are crucial for effective decision-making. Our software provides structured data, enabling you to concentrate on what matters and make informed choices in seconds. Don’t forget to check out our structured analytics, or simply download it — it’s free!

Check all OnlyFans stats in one place with our Dashboard.

User profiling - add onlyfans user stats manually

One of the most crucial things you should do is create strong relations with your fans, following our research with top agencies and creators. It’s impossible to achieve this if you don’t know anything about them and can’t recognize each fan quickly. With our user profiling, you’ll access essential data such as bio, preferences, occupation, family status, and anything else you consider important for each fan.”

Know the exact active time data of your users - OnlyFans stats that truly matter.

Your fans are scattered across the globe, each with their own daily rhythm and schedule. Extensive data analysis reveals that crafting and selling content during your fans’ peak activity periods could skyrocket message open rates by up to 10 times, reply rates by 20 times, and purchase rates by 30 times. We’ll calculate, aggregate, and present this crucial data in intuitive formats to help you maximize your revenue.

High-level OnlyFans statistics about fans for increased chat revenue.

Distinguishing yourself as a top creator relies on understanding your fans. Our profiling system ensures that even a glance at a customized avatar and name will instantly remind you of who each fan is. You can easily track fan preferences, review the last conversation summary (to capitalize on warmed-up fans for yourself or the next shift), access data on a fan’s content preferences, view the revenue generated by top contributors, check remaining content in top folders, and observe average pay-per-view (PPV) and tip prices.

You are just one click away from becoming 0,1% top creator!
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On average using Fans-CRM increases revenue by 300%
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Onlyfans creator statistics - see the big picture to make your way to become one of the top 0.1% creators.

Check all only fans stats in one place with our Dashboard

We’re all unique, in our strengths and weaknesses. This is especially true for creators, each with their unique genre, communication style, and content-selling approach. In the quest to provide the best user experience to fans, it’s challenging to track all statistics and see the big picture. But don’t worry, we’ll gather everything for you: from average pay-per-view (PPV) and tips to the lifetime value (LTV) of users, best-performing genres, the type of content that converts best for you, and much more.

Find all OnlyFans content creator statistics to find better way to grow your income

With our smart vault, you’ll uncover which content is purchased, not offered, offered but not purchased (so that you can withdraw it and try to sell it again). Learn how much income each piece of media generates for a particular fan and in your profile overall, along with conversion rates, offer dates, and more. This feature will help you avoid the mistake of sending the same content twice and identify similar content that fans may enjoy.

Media galleries OnlyFans stats - how much money you earn for your content

Every fan is unique, with their own preferences, making it challenging to keep track. With our smart profiling, you’ll instantly see their preferences, what performs best, conversion rates, and the amount of content not yet offered. You can even create requests for additional content for each folder and gain a better understanding of the related content you already possess.

You are just one click away from becoming 0,1% top creator!
Next 77 registrations are free
On average using Fans-CRM increases revenue by 300%
Next 77 registrations are free
Inspiring Stories
Fans-CRM is already being used by companies and individual creators, and we're proud that our product is aiding them in their activities. They find it handy, and we hope you will too. Feel free to check out their stories!
“We are using Fans-Crm, for quite a while. Each profile that we connected shows at list 200% revenue growth on 1st month and 300% on second month. As well because of automatization, prioritization and much better interface we freed up 40% of our workforce We will definitely stay with Fans-Crm as only tool that we need, and could recommend to everyone. ”
— 1backstage Agancy
“We tried so many softwares for Only Fans like Infloww, Super Creator, FansMetrics, CreatorHero and many others. But we need to admit that non of them are even close to Fans CRM. It combining all the best form what we saw in other tools and it’s only 30% of Fans-CRM functionality. Our customer satisfaction rate rises for 400% and studio management becomes very clear and simple. ”
— Mike X

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install the application on a device with the Linux operating system?

At the moment, the application on the Linux operating system is under development, and we temporarily cannot provide the application for this operating system."

Can I follow the expired fans automatically with FansCRM?

Yes. This feature is highly-sought so we included it in our software.

How to manage an OnlyFans account?

You can do it on your own or delegate it to a professional management agency. One of the main reasons to work with the agency is that many of them provide skilled chatters. Other very important advantages are daily analytics and promo activities. Agencies use our FansCRM system to maximize their earnings and check the efficiency of their chatters.

What are the benefits of OnlyFans chatters?

Passionate sexting and authentic girlfriend experience make a key to a fan’s heart, which is proved by dating platforms. The team of chatters can serve much more fans than one person at a time, and is ready to keep them happy. Professional chatting can create a strong emotional connection which improves fan loyalty and brings better earnings. Both agencies and creators can benefit from FansCRM's advanced chat interface that is well-integrated and scalable.

What OnlyFans statistics does FansCRM process?

Data analysis is essential for a successful media strategy, and we process the most relevant info for it. Among other metrics, it includes audience reach, mentions, referrals, post view durations, buy rate, average spend, sales (PPVs, subscriptions) per user, net profit, and much more.

How can I use OnlyFans data?

It can be used to improve earnings in a few ways. For example, the spending stats per user allow categorization of fans. You can set higher PPV prices for the fans from top spending categories, and make them your highest priority. Another way is a deep analysis of your traffic sources: our tools show where your fans come from, and you can set up promo campaigns for the selected sources with further monitoring. One more way is wise content management. In FansCRM, we have a smart media vault so you can check the unsent media quickly and sell it to the fans that don’t have it yet.