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OnlyFans Tracker: OnlyFans Tracking Links & Trial Links

Our one-stop-shop CRM system combines Onlyfans management and analytics tools with advanced chatting features for creators and agencies. This synergy is a game changer!

What is a tracking link on OnlyFans?

A tracking link allows you to drive traffic from different sources to your OnlyFans page. It’s essential to track the performance of different sources and/or creatives. On the platform, you can create as many tracking and trial links as you want and even get some high-level data on each of them, such as the number of clicks and subscribers gained. However, this data is not enough to make informed decisions. With Fans-CRM, we will provide deep analytics on each marketing campaign that you have or will have in the future.

OnlyFans promo tracker

It’s crucial to have comprehensive data on each of your marketing campaigns. Fans-CRM will provide you with detailed information on LTV (lifetime value of fans), traffic quality (we not only track bots on your creator page but also analyze this across all our creators’ networks), profitability, current number of fans, and remaining number of fans. With this data, you can make data-driven decisions and invest only in channels with a positive return on investment.

How to share data from your OnlyFans tracking

There are many creators of buying traffic to OnlyFans like – guarantee gains, SFS, paying for eCMP, or number of clicks. There are numerous traffic providers on the market, ranging from individual creators, other agencies, and Reddit promoters to large traffic providers like CreatorsADS, CreatorTraffic, GigSocial, etc. Regardless of which source and creator you use, you need to have the ability to share results. Fans-CRM will create a unique web link for each of your OnlyFans tracking links, which you can share and use to evaluate results with your traffic provider.

OnlyFans trial links tracker tips and tricks

Our study shows that unfortunately, it’s very common for bots to be sold to OnlyFans creators and agencies as real people. On average, we do see that 30-45% of the traffic that is sold are bots, meaning a significant percentage of your marketing budget is wasted. Our system will become your middleman with no incentivization to provide fake data. If you receive poor-quality traffic and share this data with your provider, they will most likely offer you a refund or extra traffic at the same price.

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Fans-CRM is already being used by companies and individual creators, and we're proud that our product is aiding them in their activities. They find it handy, and we hope you will too. Feel free to check out their stories!
“We are using Fans-Crm, for quite a while. Each profile that we connected shows at list 200% revenue growth on 1st month and 300% on second month. As well because of automatization, prioritization and much better interface we freed up 40% of our workforce We will definitely stay with Fans-Crm as only tool that we need, and could recommend to everyone. ”
— 1backstage Agancy
“We tried so many softwares for Only Fans like Infloww, Super Creator, FansMetrics, CreatorHero and many others. But we need to admit that non of them are even close to Fans CRM. It combining all the best form what we saw in other tools and it’s only 30% of Fans-CRM functionality. Our customer satisfaction rate rises for 400% and studio management becomes very clear and simple. ”
— Mike X