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Increase OnlyFans PPV Revenue: Guide to Understanding Meaning and Strategy Options to Apply

Tetiana Malik

icon-calendar Jun 21, 2024 icon-time 14 min

You have the opportunity to increase your revenue by more than 100% by using OnlyFans pay per view materials in your plan! Nevertheless, it is of utmost importance to do this correctly. Your followers may decide to unsubscribe if you bombard them with too many offers.


Keep reading to learn what does PPV mean in OnlyFans and find out how to make the most of your unique content and optimize your PPV strategy on OnlyFans.

What does PPV mean at OnlyFans?

After being purchased from 2018 by Leonid Ravvinsky, OnlyFans has evolved into something completely new. Later, paid subscription and PPV services appeared. 

But what is PPV OnlyFans meaning? Pay per view, or PPV, is simple. When your material is behind a paywall on OnlyFans, your fans will have to pay a certain sum to access it. Regardless of whether they have previously paid for the membership.

Your typical timeline posts are distinct from PPV material. Due to its rarity, you should offer it for sale only via direct messages (or a tip menu).

OnlyFans PPV locked content

Which OnlyFans PPV technique is the most effective?

You should be familiar with these three basic business models before deciding how to approach PPV on OnlyFans.

Page without cost that includes PPV

Free Page + PPV

Since there is no cost for subscribers on a free website, you will find it much simpler to grow your following.

You may start making money off your page by slowly introducing paywalled content when you have a substantial following.

Your money is generated from both PPV postings and communications. Once you’re ready to sell services like sexting and personalized material, you may (and should) add a tip option to your profile.

You may not think it’s a good idea to run a free page at first. However, It’s great for artists without a social media following to start out with, since it’s so easy for beginners to use.

You should implement this plan if:

  • Since this is all new to you, you want to see how things work before making any firm decisions.
  • It’s OK with you if it takes more time until you make a profit.
  • Creating an audience is more important than making money right now if you’re in it for the long haul.

Keep in mind that if you feel that operating a free page isn’t your thing, you can always switch to a premium page later on. Kayla (knicoledz), a top OnlyFans creator, argues that offering a free page on the get-go will likely attract more fans who are NOT willing to pay for anything. 

Knicedz content

Thus, she strategized by offering a paid subscription for $20, which worked quite well for her. Roughly speaking, Kayla would only need 500 fans to achieve a $10,000 monthly income on OnlyFans. 

Creators may have a free page and a premium page on OnlyFans at the same time. For starters, there’s a lot of leeway in going with a free page.

Premium page with pay-per-view

Combine subscription and PPV

You may benefit from both the monthly sub-revenue and extra PPV sales with a premium page that includes PPV. If you want to keep your monthly membership cost low, PPV is the way to go.

Your monthly cost may be a commitment charge, indicating that someone is investing in you and deserving of direct messaging. Paid pages require more promotion, but it pays off. Use Reddit for even more promotion.

You should implement this plan if:

  • You want to make OnlyFans your main source of income and work on it full-time.
  • To maximize your profit, you’re approaching OnlyFans like a business model.
  • You should take use of all the monetization methods that OnlyFans provides so that you may earn money from numerous sources.
  • If you want people to purchase your PPV material, you’re ready to direct message them and have a conversation with them.
  • For the majority of creators, the best course of action is to run a sponsored page that heavily prioritizes pay-per-view.

How to setup OnlyFans pay per view content? 

All OnlyFans creators can offer pay per view content over messages. You can even choose whether to extend these exclusive content offers to individual subscribers, or target all your fans at once. Simply name your price, attach your media, and press send.

For creators with free OnlyFans accounts, PPV functionality extends to posts and streams as well. We will dive deeper into this matter later. 

How to do PPV on OnlyFans?

On OnlyFans, you can sell pay-per-view content in two different ways. One is to send a private message with a paywall, and the other is to make a post with a paywall.

How to do PPV on OnlyFans via post?

Having a free page is a must for making PPV posts on OnlyFans. Actually, pay-per-view posts usually make the most money for free pages.

Creating a PPV post on OnlyFans is straightforward: 

  • Enter your login information and go to the creator dashboard on OnlyFans.
  • Produce a new post.
  • The post’s access fee may be customized; by default, it is set to free. Set a price for your post based on its value. Price PPV post adequately, use A/B testing, check pricing caps.
  • Post your material here; it might be anything from text to photos to audio or video. Include a captivating preview, don’t forget.
  • Make an interesting caption to go with your photo.
  • All you have to do is publish it now. 

After pushing the “Publish” button you may rest assured, as now your followers can view this new post of yours and purchase access to it, allowing you to get some additional money. preview is an absolute essential

Having a paid page prevents you from making PPV posts to your timeline on OnlyFans. Regardless of whether a free trial is being offered.

Since your subscribers are already paying you to see the content, the logic goes, there’s no need to hide anything on your page behind a barrier. Direct messages are still a viable option for selling pay-per-view material. Next, we will address it.

The OnlyFans PPV Message Sending Process

PPV message on OnlyFans with a playful text

Go to your fans’ chats on OnlyFans PPV, or use the “Messages” tab to send them all at once. 

You can also implement welcome messages, for that go to Chat Settings: In the settings, look for the “Chats” section. Welcome Message Setup: Within “Chats”, you’ll find the “Welcome messages” option. Enable Automatic Messages: Toggle on the “Send a welcome message to new fans” feature.

When sending a bulk message, you may send it to:

  • Your latest talks.
  • All your admirers.
  • Users you’re following.
  • You may also add or omit specific subs.

Set your pricing, attach your material, and utilize a message that’s likely to convince your recipients to purchase.

There are even specific tools for you to generate even more money. For instance, Fans-CRM offers quite a deal. Its features include user profiling, fans’ local time, fans’ active time, preferences, dashboard, media stats, and creator stats. You can discover even more within the Fans-CRM app. This tool will allow you to take your chatting to the next level, and so your profit. 

You can get paid for being nice and sweet. Swedish adult creator Amber Sweetheart, tagged as the queen of OnlyFans texting.

Amber reportedly made bank in just a couple of years. For context, she maintains 2 accounts on OnlyFans. Her paid page costs $14.99 to subscribe.

All authors may leverage PPV messaging to enhance their revenue, whether they have a free or premium page.

The best OnlyFans PPV strategy to increase your sales 

Here’s a OnlyFans PPV strategy to boost your sales and increase your profits with PPV.

Rely solely on high-quality content

You should greatly improve your PPV content over your usual postings. This includes increasing production qualities and adding new, distinctive components to your material. Your PPV offers should seem special and distinct, not simply explicit versions of your regular content but whole new experiences.

Advertise your new, substantial publications

Will you release the year’s best content? Hold on. You may lose considerable money without effective marketing. Early promotion of big products helps reach 5-figure months. A week of marketing may help.

Inform your audience about a major event. Use teasers, previews, and sneak peaks to generate anticipation. Promote beyond OnlyFans. Share excerpts on X and Reddit to generate enthusiasm.

OnlyFans promotion Reddit

OnlyFans’ best producers frequently promote their future material. Not simply showing off—they’re building sales.

Write effective copy

Proper captions may enhance sales with good content. Use all the instruments to communicate effectively. Captions for PPV should be brief, interesting, and instructive. Show your viewers your content’s worth.

Knowing your audience is key. This comprehension grows, particularly with audience interaction and comments.

Survey subscriber preferences. Ask about their favorite postures and surprise them with unique material in that manner, interspersed with lighter inquiries to keep them interested.

Another useful resource is Reddit. Check similar subreddits for popular content and conversations.

Transmit customized messages

Personalizing your subscriber communications works better than generic ones. Early tailored attention may enhance PPV sales and subscriber loyalty.

Between PPV promos, communicate with subscribers without spamming them. Sext, flirt, and talk without selling to preserve personal relationships with subscribers. Always give your best in these conversations.

By identifying high-spending users, you may prioritize material based on their preferences. Direct conversations are impractical for authors with thousands of followers. In such instances, use mass messaging or get aid.

Use your pricing strategy wisely

What’s the best OnlyFans PPV message pricing? There is no correct answer, but original specialized material might be priced more. Keep pricing modest and look fair for most of your goods and services.

Naturally, you want to maximize profit, but a high price upfront can kill sales. 

As pricing is very is very individualized so here are some things to consider when setting it up:

  1. Your individual comfortability with making custom content. If you enjoy or find customs an easy process there is no hard in pricing the content competitively. Plus all these videos you are making can be resold to other subs as PPV or uploaded to clip sites like manyvids. If you hate making customs, of course price them higher if you are happy to have requests that are few and far between.
  2. Your demand. It is wise to consider the amount of custom requests you have coming in and the amount of time you have to complete them. If you are struggling to get all your custom work done in the time you have assigned for it, then that is a sign you need to up your prices. This will decrease the workload for the same or potentially higher profit. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are starting out or have very few fans, there is no reason to start with very high prices. Charge what you’d be happy to earn for your time but keep in mind you can always increase your prices as your demand increases.
  3. Your quality and effort. Say you are in a niche where fans know you for large expensive toys or pricey lingerie, that can be a consideration in your pricing. If you require a lot of time to set up, factor it in. If you are using expensive equipment to shoot semi pro content and that’s what your audience expects from you factor it in. However, also factor in that there are guys out there who pay the big bucks for content shot easily on a phone. Most people come to OnlyFans because they like amateur content, so don’t feel like you need to invest a ton into ‘high end’ content. That said, if you don’t have the means to be creating content that is not at least well lit and shot on a smartphone, consider that in your pricing.
  4. Level of explicitness. If you are someone who holds most of your nudity behind paywalls you can create an environment where your nudity and explicitness has a higher price point. However just because you price it high, that doesn’t mean someone will pay for it. You also need to have high demand. Fully explicit creators, you should be charging more for special higher effort requests for example anal, using larger toys or anything that is more explicit or takes a higher psychical toll.

Organize PPV offers using bundles and tiers. After a subscriber buys PPV, they’re more inclined to buy again. Try upselling them next time. Get them to spend more with each purchase. Tiers of offers may boost subscriber lifetime value. Monitor what consumers are willing to pay for your content and alter your rates as required. If you get good feedback, boost pricing. Pricing tips for your PPVs based on your subscribers can be obtained using the Fans-CRM tool.

Add a tip menu to your page

Every service and product you provide may be found on a tip menu. You may let your admirers buy things from you by adding one to your profile. List PPV content packages and unique content on your tip menu, too.

Example of a tip menu for OnlyFans

There are various free tip menu designs for you to utilize. Simply select one you like, tweak it depending on what you want to provide, and pin it to your timeline.

You can have a tip menu even if you’re offering no PPV OnlyFans. Most users don’t mind.

Use feedback and analytics

Great artists know their abilities. OnlyFans gives you a detailed analytics dashboard to track your articles’ performance and get valuable insights. Feedback can tell you which content works best and why. But there are also specialized tools for tracking analytics and management for creators and agencies on OnlyFans, specifically Fans-CRM

Analytics and user feedback may help you determine your most popular content. Prioritize and maximize it while shooting for PPV. Play to your strengths!


Now that you’ve learned the ins and outs of setting up PPV on OnlyFans with our step-by-step instructions, you can improve your page and gain new subscribers.  The strategies listed above are suitable for getting the most out of PPV on your OnlyFans page. 

If you’re an author new to OnlyFans or don’t have many social media followers, you may start with a free page and then offer PPV material when you have a strong following. With this method, writers may progressively provide paid material as their following grows.

A premium page with pay-per-view is suggested for more popular writers or those who want to rely on OnlyFans for the majority of their income. This allows them to maximize subscription and paid content earnings.

To increase PPV sales and overall revenue on the platform, you need to focus on producing quality content, thoughtful ad engagement, creating compelling text and setting reasonable prices. All of the above tactics will help you make the most of your PPV platform. 

Also, don’t forget that by adding simple tools to your strategy, such as Fans-CRM you can maximize the ease of your work and get a lot of benefits from it.

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